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 Our Services

Non Profit Fundraising

The An Fior Group’s specialties and experience allow us to generate revenue for clients and establish rapport by creating remarkable events. We have innovative and inspired ideas to help non-profit organizations generate a substantial amount of funds through a timeless event. We believe in the positive outcomes that non-profit organizations stand for, and we understand that these organizations thrive on fundraising activities.

We want our clients to be able to focus on their causes, benefits, and interactions, and leave the smoothness of their event up to us. We work side by side with our clients to make sure the event is exactly how they imagine it, and assure a keen eye for all details involved.

Event Planning

Our event consulting is full service, from budget planning, to the disc jockey, to catering; we give our clients the 100% attention they deserve when developing their dream.  Our consultants utilize their years of experience and vast range of skills when planning your event.

Our goal is to make your environment stress free, and we will be hands-on with every aspect so that you can actually enjoy your own event. All too often people get wrapped up in the stress of planning and execution to the point where they are never able to fully enjoy themselves at an event they care so deeply about. The An Fior Group takes away this problem, and allows our clients to savor a wonderful time along with all of the other guests.

Wedding Planning

The An Fior Group creates endless wedding possibilities, and allows clients to “grasp the intangible". Everyone has heard nightmare stories of wedding preparation and malfunctions, but with An Fior Group, we promise nothing but a dream wedding.

At any of our planned weddings, there is no need for Bridezillas or overstressed family members. Every host and guest can let their worries go, and have confidence that everything will go smoothly and live up to the dreams of the newlywed couple and their families.

Our goal is to take all of the stress head on, so that our clients don’t have to. We pride ourselves in making your once-in-a-lifetime experience just that, and not a job. Details are important at a wedding, and An Fior Group pays attention to all of them so that all possible aspects of the wedding and reception align with the vision of our clients.



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